Web Design

If you’re looking for a web developer, take note that it will be one of your most crucial hires. This is the guy who will create your company’s face on the Internet, which is where people are, and allow you to communicate with them. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire the right person such as Dillon Bostwick on the first try, or your business can suffer big time

The following are four important tips to help you find the right web developer:

Look for a fit, then at experience.

Professional experience is very important, but the biggest sign of success is how the applicant fits your requirements. So before you look outside, spend time writing down descriptions of your work culture.

Is your environment shining with great team players? Do you thrive in an environment of unrelenting drive? If you have written six descriptions, the applicant should match at least four. If you think you found a likely fit, then consider work experience. Contact Dillon Bostwick to get started.

Give the applicant a test run with a small project.

Giving your top candidate a small, non-critical test project is a good way to see how he probably fare when you finally hire him. You will see how efficient he works, how he deals with your current employees, and what standards he sets for himself as a professional. Most importantly, you can see if he can match your own standards as an employer.

Go for aptitude instead of specific skills.

In the world of technology, it only takes two years make a skill turn ancient. Hence, you should look out for a candidate’s learning efficiency and adaptability rather than his present knowledge of a particular technology. So instead of asking what programming languages he’s good at, ask what new ones he’s learned of late. Also ask him what his favorite technology meets are or where he gets new tech ideas and tips.

Be decisive.

Lastly, if you’re in the process of hiring someone, you need to take your time and be absolutely sure that this person is the best that you can get. When you think you’ve found the right candidate and actually hire him, but it turns out you were wrong, get him off his task or, if necessary, the whole project as soon as possible. If you’re a small company where everyone is like family, you may think this is hard to do. But remember that a small business is still a business, and you still need to run it like a business. The longer you let the wrong developer stay, the more your company suffers.

Check out http://www.ehow.com/how_4910015_make-ecommerce-website.html for more information.


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